Anticipation (Dec 2020)

Faith that Anticipates

December 20, 2020 • Bong Baylon

All of us are capable of looking forward and anticipating things. Unfortunately, we are more prone to anticipate negative things rather than positive ones. We have become habitually pessimistic. Faith is about anticipation also. In contrast to what we normally do, faith teaches us to anticipate the goodness of God instead.

Faith and the Bible

December 13, 2020 • Bong Baylon

We have access to so much information nowadays. This is a blessing. But it can also be a problem. Many Christians today have superficial faith because they rely more on social media and the Internet as their source of truth. Instead of searching God's word, the Bible, which should be the primary source of truth.

Learning Faith

December 6, 2020 • Bong Baylon

It's Christmas time again. Can we celebrate? As we near the end of 2020, we realize the pandemic is still out there. Even though there is hope that a vaccine may soon be available, it would take some time to reach everyone. It would take faith to celebrate at this time. Let's learn how to develop the kind of faith that can truly celebrate this Christmas time.