Greater Power (July 2021)

God's Surprising Power

July 25, 2021 • Bong Baylon

We've all been there. We come across a difficult situation and we try so hard to overcome it. But it becomes too difficult and eventually, out of frustration, we just give up. Difficult situations reveal our understanding (or misunderstanding) about the nature of God's power. Instead of giving up, we should move forward. But that requires a renewal of our minds concerning God's surprising power.

God's Mighty Power

July 18, 2021 • Bong Baylon

It's frustrating when we are trying so hard to do God's will but the results are not what we expect. What's wrong? Maybe because we are trusting too much in our own power rather than God's mighty power.

God's Saving Power

July 11, 2021 • Bong Baylon

God's power is greater than our power. But how do we experience God's power? A lot of people, including Christians, do not recognize the availability of God's power in their lives if only they would believe God's promises. It's actually in their mouths and in their hearts -- it's the very Gospel itself! The Gospel is truly the saving power of God to those who believe. (Romans 1:16-17)

God's Greater Power

July 4, 2021 • Bong Baylon

Many people are not aware of the availability of God's power for those who believe. They are also unfamiliar with its nature. Consequently, many do not experience its reality in their lives. More often than not, they rely solely on their own power or the power of others, both of which are nothing compared to the power of God. Why is this so? Interestingly, it is because we don't understand the nature of our own power.