Joy to Your World (Dec 2018)

Overcoming your Frustrations

December 23, 2018 • Bong Baylon

Frustrations can prevent us from really rejoicing this Christmas season. Are you overwhelmed by it? Learn to overcome your frustrations starting today.

Overcoming your Brokenness

December 16, 2018 • Bong Baylon

A lot of people are broken inside. Many cannot rejoice this Christmas time because of it. But they don't want to admit this; they just act it out. The Lord wants to heal our inner brokenness.

Overcoming your Losses

December 9, 2018 • Bong Baylon

Nothing breaks the heart more than losses. You probably lost someone or something this year, and that makes it harder for you to celebrate this Christmas. Listen to this message so that you may know how to overcome these emotions.

Overcoming your Regrets

December 2, 2018 • Bong Baylon

While everyone may seem jolly and happy as they anticipate Christmas, others may feel sad and depressed instead. Why is that? They may be plagued with feelings of regret, failure and self-condemnation.