What is an Open Door?

July 3, 2022 • Bong Baylon

Christians are unaware of what is available to them because of Christ. Consequently, they miss the opportunities that God makes available for them if they will trust in Him. They waste their time and resources dabbling in worldly pursuits or false attachments. Many settle for mediocrity in their Christian lives instead of experiencing the glory of God. What they need is a deep understanding of the concept of "Open Door." What is an "Open Door"?

What if you miss an Open Door?

July 31, 2022 • Bong Baylon

"Open Doors" are exciting opportunities to experience more of God's presence, power, and purpose. They can also be challenging and sometimes even confusing. That's why you need to seek God's guidance all throughout the experience, from beginning to end. But what if you actually miss an "Open Door" to begin with? What if you actually said "No!" to God? What do you do?

What if an Open Door starts to be challenging?

July 24, 2022 • Bong Baylon

You tested an "Open Door." You sought the guidance of the Lord through prayer and spiritual direction. You're confident it is from the Lord. You now enter it by faith. But, suddenly, in the middle of the process, the situation begins to unravel. Something is wrong. Obstacles begin to arise that cause confusion and doubt in your heart. What do you do? What if an "Open Door" starts to be challenging? How do you respond?

What is the purpose of an Open Door?

July 17, 2022

An "Open Door" is an opportunity from God that we must "TEST" or discern. That is the nature of an "Open Door." It is not simply an opportunity that we must grab the moment we see it. Instead, we must take the time to pray and seek guidance from the Lord, especially through the help of spiritual friends or companions. It's not an easy task. We can make mistakes along the way. The choices are not always clear. But why? Why would God give us these "Open Doors" and yet not make them so crystal clear that it is from Him? Why do we have to go through all the trouble of discerning them and thus make possible mistakes along the way?