Money Rule No. 2

February 12, 2017 • Gina Baylon

One of the most important skills that we need to learn in order to experience financial freedom is the skill of managing our daily expenses. But this cannot happen unless we have learned to have contentment.

Money Rule No. 4

February 26, 2017 • Rev. Bong Baylon

Most people have debts. Some of those debts may have been necessary, while others are unnecessary. When we don't know God's revelation about debt, we may feel either condemned because we have debts or irresponsible because we think it's unavoidable. It's time to talk about debts.

Money Rule No. 3

February 19, 2017 • Rev. Bong Baylon

When you're experiencing financial problems, you need to know how to examine your situation. One area is your living expenses, which we talked about in Money Rule No. 2. Another area is your income. That's what we want to talk about in this sermon.

Money Rule No. 1

February 5, 2017 • Rev. Bong Baylon

Christians tend to have two extreme views about money. On the one hand, they can be so spiritual as to refuse to even think or talk about money, believing that money is worldly. Or, they're not even concerned about how they are handling money because they think it's not a spiritual issue. Both views are wrong!