Forgiven to Forgive

April 16, 2023 • Bong Baylon

Communityship is an exciting journey, except for one problem... you have to do it with imperfect and sinning people! In any community of faith, whether small, medium, or large, people will offend each other one way or the other. There is no way of escaping it unless you choose to fake it! The blessing of communityship comes through the process of constant forgiveness. Often it's hard and challenging, and sometimes even frustrating, because not everyone understands or is willing to cooperate. We must always practice constant forgiveness throughout our journey of communityship together.

Encouraging One Another

April 30, 2023 • Ebet Reyes

Encouraging one another in the body of Christ is important. The Bible teaches us that we need to give and receive encouragement often. Encouragement is necessary for our walk of faith and helps us to persevere through difficult times. Let us learn this principle today.

Listening Well

April 23, 2023 • Gina Baylon

In spite of the proliferation of social media, many today still feel alone and disconnected. People are crying out for someone to listen. The church should be a place where people know how to listen well. Unfortunately, individualism has become the dominant attitude even among Christians. We no longer listen to one another as we should. It is time for us to change this mindset. We must actively listen well to each other so that we can learn how to really love each other as spiritual friends.

Founded on the Resurrection

April 9, 2023 • Bong Baylon

We are here today because of an extraordinary event that happened two thousand years ago which was reported to us by eyewitnesses as recorded in the Scriptures, especially in the book of Acts. This is no other than the resurrection of Jesus. We can believe in this testimony even though we were not there when it happened. Unfortunately, today not everyone believes in this testimony about Jesus. For if you truly believe, your whole life purpose and direction will change!