Challenging What Is

For what can be!

Vision Weekend | Challenging What Is

September 29, 2019

As we wrap up our month in the gospel of Matthew we find ourselves in the last few verses and an unmistakable mission-focus challenge! Three tiny two-letter words! Jesus couldn’t have painted a clearer or more poignant vision for how He intended His followers to live! These three tiny words are the seeds we’re planting in the soil of our church and of our hearts this weekend, anticipating an amazing crop of possibilities! To discuss this message with your Small Group: https://www.riverwood.cc/talkitover You can connect with Riverwood here: https://www.riverwood.cc https://www.instagram.com/riverwoodcc/ https://www.facebook.com/riverwoodchu...

Challenging What is…Together!

September 22, 2019 • Todd Petkau

Over the last couple of weekends we’ve met ‘disruptors’ who have turned markets upside-down, and of course, the world’s Greatest Disruptor, Jesus! We’ve also met ‘the-(other)-kind-of-disruptor’, the one hell-bent on stealing, killing and destroying! This weekend, we meet yet another disruptor and use her story as a springboard to discover the characteristics intrinsic in the making of a disruptor!

The (Other) Great Disruptor!

The Disruptor who messes up our lives! • September 15, 2019 • Todd Petkau

Last weekend we were introduced to The Great Disruptor, Immanuel, God with Us, who didn’t simply tweak or tinker with the relationship between God and His creation…He revolutionized it and turned it upside down! This week, as we journey on in our Chapter-a-Day reading plan, we find ourselves in Matthew 13 and face to face with The (other) Great Disruptor! This one will do everything he can to rob, steal and destroy…and as we know all too well, he’s pretty good at it!

The Great Disruptor

September 8, 2019 • Todd Petkau

The terms ‘disruptive technology’, ‘disruptive marketing’ and ‘disruptive economies’ are pretty familiar to us! However, long before the term was invented, the Greatest Disruptor of all stepped out of heaven and turned our world upside down! This message examines God’s habit of ‘challenging what is’, the status quo, in order to discover something so much greater! It’s a clarion call to do the same!