Ancient Paths

Remember The Stones

July 5, 2020 • Todd Petkau

Jeremiah 25 - 38

The Potter and The Clay

Our continuing adventure, in search of ‘ancient paths’ takes us to a little town of Pilot Mound, Manitoba about 200 years ago…and to an artisan’s shop in Jerusalem 2600 years ago! This week, we discover our third ancient path! But be warned, it is not just a leisurely stroll! This is a demanding and potentially dangerous hike up a very steep incline that will challenge everything inside of you!

Toppling Your Idols!

June 14, 2020 • Todd Petkau

We enjoy nothing more than being real!...and here is a bit of reality: we all have idols! This message explores the nature and existence of idols in our lives and explains that the mark of maturity is not the ‘absence of idols’ (Yah right! We all have them!), but rather the daily struggle to recognize and topple our idols!

Plowing Hard Hearts

June 7, 2020 • Todd Petkau

Who doesn’t get enamoured with the latest gadget, innovation or invention! We get swept away with future-facing novelties! Yet, God says, that is not where true peace for our souls is found! God challenges us to ‘ask for the ancient paths’! This message launches a 5 week series, exploring ancient paths and how to walk them practically!