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Scripture Unleashed - Don't Just "Be" Thankful... Display It!

Teen Challenge Weekend

Scripture Unleashed - The Tenth

Jason's California Adventure

Pastor Jason shares about a life changing experience he had at a leadership conference

A conversation with Hunter

Hunter Tonn has recently been hired on as ROL youth directer, Jason and him sit down for a conversat

Youth Takeover - FLY Faith

Let's Talk Leadership - Part 2

completing our conversation with Pastor Chuck Keller

Scripture Unleashed - The Shepherd

Let's Talk Leadership - Part 1

Part one of a two part conversation with Pastor Jason and Pastor Chuck Keller on Leadership.

Scripture Unleashed - Storm Heaven

Conversation with Chuck

Pastor Chuck Keller shares his story of coming into Pastoral ministry

What He Said - Part 9

Jodi's Story

Jodi joins Jason to tell her story and discuss her recovery after the trauma of having an abortion.

What He Said - Part 8

Walking Through Grief- Part 2

Shannon, Jamie and Joe finish their discussion on grief.

What He Said - Part 7

Walking through Grief - Part 1

Shannon, Jamie and Joe discuss the grieving process

Scripture Unleashed (How Do We Prepare? Be Wise!)

Scripture Unleashed (Why Are We Sure Jesus is Coming Again?)

Finding Your Gifting & The Way God Designed You

What He Said - Part 6