Miracles Matter

Week 1

March 7, 2019 • Pastor Chris Goeppner • John 20:31

There are a number of books in the bible that tell the story and good news of Jesus when he walked here on earth. The Gospel of John, however, tells the story through the unique lens of Jesus's closest friend.

How To Solve A Problem

Part 5 • September 12, 2019 • Pastor Chris Goeppner

We all have what may seem to be huge, potentially unsolvable problems. So how do we solve them?

How Bad Do You Want It?

Part 4 • September 5, 2019 • Pastor Chris Goeppner

Do you really want to be changed, or have you become so comfortable in your misery that you've given up?

25 Mile Faith

Week 3 • March 21, 2019 • Pastor Chris Goeppner

True faith makes way for miracles, as we can see clearly in the second miracle that Jesus did.