Always a Missionary

Acts 17:23-27

March 5, 2017 • Pastor Matt Chewning

Ever wonder what your purpose is in life? Why you're in the places or situations you're in? Matt Chewning, lead pastor of Netcast Church, shares the reason why and explains the importance of being ready and equipped for God's purpose in our lives.

Fear God

Week 1 • January 11, 2018 • Pastor Chris Goeppner

This series is a look at the book of Proverbs. God has given us some key points we need to lead a successful life throughout this book of the Bible.

Love People

Vision 2018 • January 4, 2018 • Pastor Chris Goeppner

Our 2018 vision is all about loving people. We are on a rescue mission to reach Vermont and New Hampshire with the life changing message of people and we have to love people to achieve this mission. Jesus loved all people and we need to radiate the same love to reach others for Him.

The Elephant in the Room

December 31, 2017 • Patrick Teune

Many of us have given up on life because of how hard it's been - we try to change our circumstances but keep failing. This is not how God intended for us to live life. He wants us to live in His freedom. We are no longer bound by our past chains when we're living in God's freedom.