Joy Starts Here

April 16, 2022 • Melanie Connell

Life Streams Women's group lesson 2 in the Joy Starts Here book study.

Let's Talk Beauty!

March 19, 2022 • Wendy Rumminger

Hello River Beauties! Let’s Talk Beauty! Wendy Rumminger is teaching a holistic, ayurvedic beauty session for the women's Life Streams group for a wonderful morning of spending time together and learning from our in-house, Ayurveda medicine practitioner! Wendy is speaking on Beauty and Skin Care from an Ayurvedic perspective and will share some of her favorite ‘Sister Beauty Secrets’! Remember you are created in His image! As a woman, you carry the ’Feminine Beauty’ characteristics of God! Let’s learn how to care for and steward this gift well! "You are altogether beautiful my darling!" Song of Songs 4:7