Gathering is About God

September 12, 2010 • Tom Hendrikse

We gather for worship on Sunday mornings. Why? What do we want when we do that? How does God view our worship? This sermon makes the powerful point that worship is not about us, but rather worship is about God. He is the audience to our worship.

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Gathering Sets Us Free

October 3, 2010 • Tom Hendrikse

The conclusion to our series on gathering for worship. God calls us to not only set aside the hour we gather as holy, but also the entire day.

Gathering Renews God's Promise

September 26, 2010 • Ryan Brasington

God makes promises to His people. When we gather to worship Him, we claim those promises and connect with the covenant family. This message also contains a discussion regarding the sacraments and how our church observes them.

Gathering Tells God's Story

September 19, 2010 • Tom Hendrikse

When we gather for worship on Sunday mornings, we give our praise and worship to an audience of one - God. We tell and re-tell of His glory, and of His grace and mercy in forgiving us. This sermon explores that telling and re-telling.