Loser Theology | Tim Keller & Russel Moore

The Friday Special

January 12, 2024 • Joel Webbon, AD Robles, Andrew Isker

"After preaching the gospel and slowly gaining converts among the Germanics, Boniface traveled to the great pagan shrine in Geismar in Hesse. There, at Donner's Oak, the pagan priests offered sacrifices to their demon god Donner, better known to us as Thor. It was believed that if anyone profaned Thor's Oak by touching it, the demon would strike that man down with a bolt of lightning from his hammer. Boniface reared back with his axe and took one single swing when a powerful wind came out of the heavens and blew the tree over. Astonished to see the impotence of their demon. God, everyone present forsook their paganism and was baptized into Jesus Christ."

Excerpt from The Boniface Option by Andrew Isker

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