Biblical Giants | Clans, Sizes, & Supernatural Abilities

The Friday Special

April 19, 2024 • Joel Webbon, Ben Garrett, Brian Sauvé • Genesis 6, Amos 2:9, Numbers 13:33, Deuteronomy 3:11

The biblical record is undeniable - giants once roamed the earth. Goliath is by far the most well-known giant. But many fail to recognize that Goliath was actually one of the smallest giants. Scripture describes several different species of giants (or giant clans) with a startling range of physical sizes, as well as surprising supernatural abilities.

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Angels | Classifications, Physicality, & Sexes

June 7, 2024 • Joel Webbon, Ben Garrett, Brian Sauvé • Hebrews 1:14

Angels are not merely spiritual beings, existing only in some other ethereal dimension. Many species of angels, although not all, are not so different from you and I. They are spiritual, to be sure, but they also possess far more physicality than many modern theologians recognize.

Witches, Necromancy & “Familiar Spirits”

May 31, 2024 • Joel Webbon, Ben Garrett, Brian Sauvé • 1 Samuel 28

Witchcraft is one of the fastest growing cults in the world. This is not a harmless game to be trifled with. Witchcraft, necromancy, hexes, and many other occult practices are terrifyingly real.

Ghosts | That’s Not Your Grandma, It’s A Demon! | Episode 8 w @hauntedcosmos_

May 24, 2024 • Joel Webbon, Brian Sauvé, Ben Garrett • 1 Samuel 28

One of the most common gateways to demonic possession (or demonic oppression) is people being deceived into believing that their lost loved-ones are trying to commune with them from beyond the grave. That's not your grandma, it's a demon!