Ages 0-10 (Sundays)

What is RevKids?

RevKids meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 for teaching (classroom time) and 10:15 a.m. (worship). RevKids meets during the adult teaching time and the adult worship time for ages zero through fourth grade. At fifth grade, students meet on Wednesdays and on Sundays, fifth grade and above are with adults. Frequently Asked Questions: Are the classes divided? – Yes! Babies are divided into two groups for 0-17 months and then 18-47 months. Older RevKids worship (music) together and then split into two groups for story and craft time. How do we check-in? – You can pre-register at revwhitehouse.com, and then your label will be ready on Sunday. Once you are in the system, check-in is a quick, secure and easy process by printing labels for children and for parents to keep on Sundays. Am I required to check-in my kids? – If they are attending RevKids, yes, you must check-in. We do not require your kids to attend RevKids, but if they are below fourth grade, we HIGHLY recommend it. Our adult teaching time is designed for adults and older students with mature topics and a distraction-free experience for those in worship. Is my child safe? – Yes! Once your child is checked in and released to our volunteers and RevKids team, all exterior doors are locked with security access only once check-in is complete and service begins. . Where is it located? – When you approach the church building, RevKids will be marked by a red sign for check in for the large, white metal building to the left of the worship auditorium. What if my child has allergies or special needs? – We are prepared! Allergies and special needs for your child are listed on the check in label. We specifically monitor foods and activities to attend to these needs. How am I notified if there is a need? – When you check in, a cell phone number is provided by the parent. We will text you during the service if there is a need for you to come to the RevKids area, or an usher or greeter will notify you in person.

You Won't Have Bad Days

06.16.19 • June 16, 2019 • Pastor Kris Freeman

Happy Father's Day! It's week three of Things Jesus Never Said at Revolution Church. Message notes at the link. Worship guide (PDF) for download at the link or in the notes. Worship service starts at 10:15 am!

Do What Makes You Happy

06.09.19 • June 9, 2019 • Pastor Kris Freeman

Week two of Things Jesus Never Said. Message notes at the link. Worship guide PDF download at the link. Service begins at 10:15 am.

You Don't Have to Forgive Them

06.02.19 • June 2, 2019 • Pastor Kris Freeman

Week one of Things Jesus Never Said at Revolution Church. Message notes at the link. Service begins at 10:15 am. Download the worship guide in PDF form at the link.