Snow Day - Online Broadcast Only


January 14, 2018 • Pastor Kris Freeman

Revolution Church is cancelled this week because of inclement weather but we invite you to check out an archived broadcast featuring recording artist Jamie Grace. Have a great Sunday!

I See It Now

February 4, 2018 • Pastor Kris Freeman

The story of Joseph comes full circle with the reunion of his family and the death of his father Jacob. The result of this journey is the naming of the 12 Tribes of Israel. This is week four of BIG: The God of Your Dreams. Message notes at the link.

The Hardest Thing, the Best Thing, the Same Thing

January 28, 2018 • Pastor Kris Freeman

Vengeance is so much more popular than forgiveness. If you have been hurt or hurt others, forgiveness is not the process of justifying the wrong that was done. Never. In fact, forgiveness is the hardest thing in the world, the best thing for your soul, but ultimately it's the same thing for your healing. The story of Joseph begins to come full circle in week three of BIG: The God of Your Dreams. Broadcast license CCLI #3259924. Revolution Church meets Sundays at 10:15 a.m. at 3644 Highway 31-W in White House TN 37188. #revwhitehouse #BIG. Message Notes at the link.

While I'm Waiting

January 21, 2018 • Nikki Dykstra

Joseph had big dreams, but a change of plans and circumstances out of his control landed him in prison. But remember, what is often a set back is really a set up. Listen as Nikki Dykstra, the administrator at Revolution Church, speaks about the God of Your Dreams who still does miracles when it is impossible. Message notes at the link.