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Church Revitalization Podcast

Marketing is Not Evangelism

Guest: Mike Landry • May 25, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

Mike Landry discusses the differences between marketing and evangelism. He describes how both are helpful in building up a church but evangelism cannot be replaced of marketing tactics.

Revitalization and the Great Commission

Guest: Leon Moore • May 11, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

Leon Moore discusses what areas and actions are crucial to have a Great Commission church.

Revitalization Gathering | Empower Conference 2020

Guest: Chris Osborne • April 27, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

In this episode, Chris Osborne, professor of preaching and pastoral ministry at SWBTS, speaks to a group of SBTC Church Revitalization pastors at the Empower Conference in Irving, TX.

How to Keep Gathering Times Effective through Preaching

Guest: Scott Weatherford • April 13, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

In this episode, Scott Weatherford gives practical tips to keep weekend gatherings effective for the church through preaching and leadership.

Reaching the Next Generation of Leaders

Guest: Ron Edmondson • March 30, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

In this episode, Ron Edmondson provides his insights towards how to best reach the next generation and raise up the future leaders of the church.

Impactful Preaching in Revitalization

Guest: Mike Landry • March 16, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

In this episode, Mike Landry speaks on the importance of solid and impactful preaching in the revitalization of a church.

Four Key Elements of Creating a Revitalization Environment

Guest: Scott Weatherford • March 2, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

In this episode, Scott Weatherford establishes four key elements to create an environment for church revitalization.

Seven Tips for Church Revitalization

Guest: Ron Edmondson • February 17, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

In this episode, Ron Edmondson shares seven tips he has learned in his vast experience in church revitalization.

Discipleship in Revitalization

Guest: Dr. Chris Shirley • January 20, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

Dr. Chris Shirley, Associate Dean and Professor of the Terry School of Educational Ministries, SWBTS. In this episode, Dr. Shirley shares how to create and maintain discipleship within a revitalization context. Come hear Bill Hull speak on April 2 at the 2020 SBTC Disciple-Making Forum. sbtexas.com/dmforum

Preaching Old Testament in Revitalization

Guest: Dr. Matthew McKellar • February 3, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

Dr. Matthew McKellar, Professor of Preaching, SWBTS. In this episode Dr. McKellar covers the importance of preaching the Old Testament in revitalization.

Pastoral Ministry in Revitalization

Guest: Dr. John Mann • January 6, 2020 • Kenneth Priest

Dr. John Mann, Adjunct Professor of systematic theology and pastoral ministry, and pastor of newly merged, Gracepointe Church, Springtown. Dr. Mann covers what pastoral ministry within a revitalization context looks like.

Clear Life Applications in Sermons

Guest: Dr. Deron Biles • December 16, 2019 • Kenneth Priest

Dr. Deron Biles, Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Preaching, SWBTS. In today’s episode, Dr. Biles discusses the importance of giving clear life application in sermons.

Preaching in Church Revitalization

Guest: David Allen • December 2, 2019 • Kenneth Priest

Dr. David Allen , Dean of the School of Preaching, SWBTS. In this episode Dr. Allen shares how to preach well for revitalization.

Leadership in Church Revitalization

Guest: Michael Wilder • November 18, 2019 • Kenneth Priest

Dr. Michael Wilder, Interim Dean of the Terry School of Educational Ministries and Professor of leadership and education, SWBTS. In this episode Dr. Wilder covers whatleadership within church revitalization should look like.

Center of Church Revitalization at SWBTS

Guest: Adam Greenway • November 4, 2019 • Kenneth Priest

Adam Greenway, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this episode Dr. Greenway discloses how and why the new Center of Church Revitalization came to be at SWBTS as well as the impact he hopes it has on the local church.