Clarity about the Church in a World of Confusion

Walk Worthy

May 26, 2024 • Robby Wilson • Ephesians 4:1–16

How as Christians and as members of the church we are called to obediently walk according to truth in love.

Preach & Live the Mystery of Christ

May 19, 2024 • Curtis Jetton • Ephesians 3

5th sermon about the uniting of the Gentiles and Jews into one church.

Putting the Zionist Argument to Rest

May 12, 2024 • Ephesians 2:11–22

4th sermon in Ephesians series about Christ and the removal of the veil.

You're Dead, But God!

May 5, 2024 • Curtis Jetton • Ephesians 2:1–10

3rd Sermon in Series in Ephesians.

The Church with God's Truth

April 28, 2024 • Curtis Jetton • Ephesians 1:15–23

Paul's prayer that we as the church would know God

How do you Identify?

April 21, 2024 • Ephesians 1:1–14

The first sermon in Ephesians seeing our Identity in Christ.