Christian Confidence Through Koinonia - 1, 2 and 3 John

1, 2 and 3 John Sermon Series

Walk in Truth

November 27, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 3 John

Sermon from 3 John

2 John

November 20, 2022 • Ben Kaim • 2 John

2 John Sermon

5 Things Christians Know & 5 Things Christians Must Do

November 13, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 5:13–21

In this final section, John points to 5 things a Christian knows. If we are to take God at His Word, if we know the truth, then we will live accordingly.

True Christians Know They Have Eternal Life

November 6, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 5:6–13

3 witnesses testify to the truth about eternal life: water, blood, Spirit. These testify to the complete, atoning work of Christ during His earthly ministry.

Overcoming the World

October 30, 2022 • Robby Wilson • 1 John 5:1–5

Overcoming the world is what those who have been born of God were meant to do as those who have been born again.

Learning to Love Both God and One Another

October 23, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 4:7–21

We learn Who & what love is at the Cross. We learn how to love through one another. By practicing sacrificial love, we learn to love Christ who sacrificed everything for us.

Test Spirits

October 16, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 4:1–6

An altered gospel is a gospel that cannot save. John reveals spirits are tested for orthodoxy & worldliness.

Murderers Made Lovers

October 9, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 3:11–24

An essential element of Christian Confidence comes from the reality of our love for one another. We learn together in John's letter that love is not optional. It is not merely a feeling or an emotion. It is a command that comes from being born again.

Don't Shrink Back! Practicing Righteousness Preserves Your Soul

October 2, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 2:28—3:10, 1 John 2:19

Are you shrinking back or preserving your soul by practicing righteousness? John shows what makes it evident if you are a child of God or antichrist.

The Doctrine of the antichrists

September 25, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 2:18–27

To know Christian confidence is to understand the reality of antichrists. John's warning is for us to remember that there are enemies of the gospel within the church and to avoid deception.

What's Love Got To Do With It

September 18, 2022 • Robby Wilson • 1 John 2:7–17

John's letter gives us confidence in our love for Christ

Christian Confidence in Community

September 11, 2022 • Curtis Jetton • 1 John 1:1—2:6

A look a the first chapter of John's epistle.