Better Together

What We Care About

Part 4 • September 23, 2017 • Aybars Uckun

You have heard it said, “If everything is important, nothing is important. If we value everything, we don't value anything.” At Restoration we have six core values, and in fact, those six values make up our synagogue’s logo: six arrows forming a Jewish Star that point inward to symbolize the restoration God wants to do in everyone. We believe that real restoration begins inside of you and works its way to the people you do life with. In fact, that is the very reason we named our synagogue Restoration, because we believe God’s desire is to bring all of His creation - Jew and Gentile, male and female - back to Himself, all in order to restore the relationship between creation and its Creator. These six core values are issues our community cares most about, and everything we do as a synagogue comes back to these six core values.

How We Do What We Do

Part 3 • September 16, 2017 • Matt Rosenberg

At Restoration our vision — How we do what we do — is to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be. This is the process of discipleship. Following Yeshua means things are going to change and that with change comes fruit that glorifies God. This is not just change that happens at the moment of salvation but an ongoing change that happens in the life of a follower of Yeshua. To abide, to stay, to remain in relationship with Yeshua so that we can bring glory to God in everything we do! This is what glorifies the Father—a changed heart and a changed life.

What We Do

Part 2 • September 9, 2017 • Matt Rosenberg

At Restoration we are on a mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Yeshua. The most important word in our mission is “become,” because the truth is, no one is devoted to Yeshua enough. This is meant to be an encouragement because there is always more to know about God and who you are in God. There are areas in every one of our lives that need to be given fully to God. We want to help people who are far from God to find a relationship with Him because, honestly, if you want to follow someone it should probably be the one person who rose from the dead and never died again. God is not in a search for perfect people. He wants a relationship with people who know they need Him. It’s the very reason His offer to be His follower is so simple. He is saying to you, today, “follow me.”

Why We Do What We Do

Part 1 • September 2, 2017 • Matt Rosenberg

In March of 2014 Restoration moved from being a fellowship, a small group of believers in Yeshua, to a Synagogue, an assembly of believers who lead their friends to know Yeshua. At Restoration, our purpose, the reason why we do what we do, comes from the conviction that knowing Yeshua changes everything. Yeshua is our hope, He is our Messiah, He is the God of Israel, and knowing Him or having a relationship with Him has the potential to change everything in your life. Listen and we'll show you how!