Why The Whole Bible Still Matters

God Word is True

June 23, 2018 • Aybars Uckun

In order for a building to be stable, it needs a firm foundation. Regardless of how much was spent on it or what materials where used, without a solid foundation the building is destined to collapse. Our lives are similar except that instead of bricks and mortar we need to know what is and isn’t true in order to “build” stable lives. The Word of God is the greatest source of truth and is readily available to us so we can “build” the thriving lives God created us to live!

God's Word is Alive

June 16, 2018 • Aybars Uckun

God’s word is a dynamic force that speaks a consistent, cohesive message of love and hope! When we understand that His word is alive and powerful with rich meaning for us from the first page to the last, we can be begin to see why the whole Bible is relevant to us each and every day!

God's Word Is One Story

Part 1 • June 9, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

The whole Bible still matters. All 66 books. From Genesis to Revelation. From the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings, the Gospels, and the Epistles. From the beginning and creation all the way to the end of the story when the new Jerusalem descends and Yeshua reigns forever. It is all one unified story with a clear goal of Tikkun Olam, the healing of the World. The invitation of God is for every person on this planet to participate in what He is doing in creation and to find salvation through Yeshua our Messiah so we can eat from the Tree of Life with Him forever!