The 12

Minor Prophets


March 28, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg, Aybars Uckun

Habakkuk reminds us that every person, even a prophet, struggles to believe that God is good when there is so much tragedy around us. Habakkuk's short letter is in the literary style of lament, and it ends with the great hope and joy that we can find in God, who saves us! We recorded this conversation a week before the "Stay-at-home" order in Washington, and it certainly speaks hope into our current circumstances. Habakkuk is Part 12 of The 12.


March 21, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg, Aybars Uckun

Hosea is a strange story of a prophet who marries a prostitute that God uses to compare His relationship with His people. Hosea speaks into the 21st century with a megaphone: "God loves you more than your sin can condemn you." Join us as Rabbi Matt and Rabbi Aybars discuss Hosea in a time of change in our world due to the coronavirus. Hosea is part 11 of the series The 12.


March 14, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg, Aybars Uckun

Calamity forces people to pay attention to what really matters. In this chaotic time of so many things being canceled due to COVID-19, including our regular Shabbat Gatherings, it is reminiscent of a swarm of locust that destroyed everything at the start of the book of Joel. What do we do when we face crisis that changes everything? The prophet Joel gives us some wonderful answers!


March 7, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg, Aybars Uckun

The Prophet Micah reminds us of what is really important in the midst of chaos: Do Justice, Love people, and walk humbly with God. It's a message that resonates today and for our community in Seattle as we chose to cancel our Shabbat Gathering because of COVID-19 which has gripped people in fear and anxiety. Do not be afraid but walk in wisdom! Part 9 of The 12 is the Prophet Micah.


February 29, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg

Zechariah reminds us that faithfulness to God in the present is based on hope for the future. If we return to God, He will return to us and help us rise above the chaos of our lives and this present world. Part 8 of The 12 is the Prophet Zechariah.


February 22, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg

There is no doubt about it: Jonah is the worst prophet ever! Doesn't listen, runs away, begrudgingly does what God wants him to do after a fishy experience, "preaches" a 5 word sermon that says very little and gets angry with God for showing mercy to the Assyrians. Sounds like a real winner! The truth is Jonah never repents and we are not that different from Jonah unless we become people of repentance. Part 7 of The 12 is the Prophet Jonah.


February 15, 2020 • Matt Gile

The book of Haggai is about living fully into the calling that God has put on your life, and navigating the obstacles and roadblocks that will come up along the way. And just like the Jewish remnant called to rebuild the Temple of God in Jerusalem, God has given each one of us a calling on our lives--an assignment, something we're supposed to do during our time here on earth. And the words of God through the prophet Haggai remind us that though our task might not be easy, He will be with us every step of the way. And if we would trust in God and turn from our ways, and instead follow Him, God will use us to do great things for His glory. See the link above for the MLK speech ‘What’s In Your Life’s Blueprint?’ Part 6 of The 12 is the Prophet Haggai..


February 8, 2020 • Aybars Uckun

The Prophet Zephaniah's ministry to Judah and Jerusalem shows us that although God will judge sinfulness, we will always give us an opportunity to be broken of our sinful ways. He longs to show us how to overcome pride and experience joy. Part 5 of The 12 is the Prophet Zephaniah.


February 1, 2020 • Aybars Uckun

The Prophet Obadiah foretells the destruction of Edom. Edom, the descendants of Esau, are an example of the pride of nations that oppose God. The bottom line of the book of Obadiah is God hates pride and loves humility. Part 4 of The 12 is the Prophet Obadiah.


January 25, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg

The prophet Nahum foretells of the destruction of the kingdom of Assyria and its capital, Nineveh. The bottom line of Nahum: God hates oppression and evil and He will judge those who oppress others. Part 3 of The 12 is the Prophet Nahum.


January 18, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg

Malachi is a reminder to us that as every generation breaks covenants with God, He is faithful to keep His promises to a remnant in every generation. Part 2 of The 12 is the Prophet Malachi.


January 4, 2020 • Matt Rosenberg

Though you won’t find many specific prophecies about the Messiah in the 12 minor prophets, they do prepare the Jewish people for the arrival of the Messiah by reminding us of the heart of God for His people. He never gives up, He never leaves, He never breaks His promises. He does judge, more often than we want to believe, so that people who won’t listen otherwise will turn back to right relationship with Him. God designed us for relationship with Him that is filled with justice, mercy, grace, righteousness, and lovingkindness and when we forget these things He has a tendency to remind us. Just as in the days of old, the 12 minor prophets continue to speak to anyone who will listen to their warnings and to the story of the God of Israel and His people. Part 1 of The 12 is the Prophet Amos.