The Pursuit Of Happiness

God is Faithful (We Are Not)

Part 4 • August 4, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

God is faithful to keep His promises. We are not. We forget His promises and we turn away to idols or dependency on ourselves and it never works. God calls us back, we repent and we remember that God is faithful. We find we can be faithful in Him. We just can’t forget Him and believe we can do anything without Him. God is Faithful (We Are Not) is part 4 of The Pursuit of Happiness.

God's Will For You

Part 3 • July 28, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

In his letter, 1 Thessalonians, Paul writes to followers of Yeshua who are being persecuted and killed for following Yeshua as King rather than Caesar. In the close of the letter Paul reminds them to “rejoice always, pray constantly, and in everything give thanks.” In our pursuit of happiness we need to take Paul’s advice to heart: rejoice, pray and give thanks in everything! “God’s Will For You” is part 3 of The Pursuit of Happiness.

But As For Me

Part 2 • July 21, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

Psalm 71 is a poem written by an unknown aging man who is being pursued by his enemies. In the middle of the Psalm, verse 14, he writes, "But as for me, I will always have hope." This cry sets a dramatic shift for the Psalmist from praying for protection from those trying to kill him, to worshiping God in the midst of struggle and pain. Hope in a hurting world is the destiny of everyone who calls on God so that we can lead others to the same hope in Yeshua. "But As For Me" is part 2 of The Pursuit of Happiness.

The Happy One

Part 1 • July 14, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

"Happy is the man…whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.” In Psalm 1 the Psalmist tells us both how to find happiness and how to avoid unhappiness. Happiness and joy are what we are designed for but we find ourselves surrounded by so much anger and frustration. God wants you to find that happiness and happy is the man who delights in God and all He has done for people who call on His Name.