God Loves F.A.T. People

March 10, 2018 • Aybars Uckun

Three characteristics Yeshua requires of His disciples are to be Faithful, Available, and Teachable (FAT). When we strive to embrace these elements of discipleship in our daily lives, we can truly begin to become fully devoted followers of Yeshua. God loves FAT people!

Baby Don't Hurt Me (What is Love?)

Part 3 - New Humans • January 19, 2019 • Matt Rosenberg

When we come to faith in Yeshua he makes us new humans. As new humans we become less interested in our selves and more interested in how we can serve others. As new humans, filled with the Holy Spirit, we must ask ourselves in any and every relationship and situation, "what does love require of me?"

Identity in Messiah

Part 2 - New Humans • January 12, 2019 • Matt Rosenberg

God has called everyone who believes in Yeshua to a deeper identity than most of truly understand, both Jews and Gentiles. He has called us to be new humans and co-heirs with the Messiah in his family.

Old Self, New Self

Part 1 - New Humans • January 5, 2019 • Matt Rosenberg

At Restoration, we believe that knowing Yeshua changes everything. But, sometimes it doesn't feel like change has happened or is happening. Everything seems the same. but God designed you to be new and empowers you through his Holy Spirit to be new. So, drop the old version of yourself and be what God created you to be in Messiah Yeshua: A New Human.