The Mountain

Torah Portion: Yitro & Mispatim

February 10, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

In the book of Exodus, the people of Israel, the Jewish people, begin as they meet with God at Mt Sinai. With earthquakes, lighting, fire, and a great cloud God makes a covenant with Israel through Moses. Many years later, in the book of Acts, on the same day, with fire and a cloud, the Holy Spirit is given to the disciples of Yeshua and the many Jewish people who are gathered in the Temple Courts in Jerusalem. Same God, same day, same people. Both events are about God, Israel, and the covenant that God promised would be eternal. It all starts at the Mountain of God.

Lee Weeks

Jewish Voice • February 3, 2018 • Lee Weeks

Our guest preacher, Lee Weeks, comes from Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) in Phoenix, Arizona. JVMI holds several medical clinics and outreaches each year in places like Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. You will be encouraged by this message and perhaps even inspired to volunteer to go to Africa in the Name of Yeshua!

God Leads

Part 4 - Torah Portion: Beshalach • January 27, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

“God Leads” is part 4 of the series “Boldness.” The great enemy of Boldness is control. For the children of Israel, when they were set free from Egypt, God’s presence moved ahead of them as a cloud by day and a fire by night. For those who believe in Yeshua the Holy Spirit goes before us in the same way but we struggle to remain in control of our own lives. You want to feel like you have control but you don’t and you can’t because there is so much we cannot control. When you let your desire for control go and give it the Lord, who actually controls all things, He will bring you peace and calmness even in the midst of difficult things. In the Name of Yeshua you can have a sense of calm when you give up trying to be in control.

The Lamb

Part 3 - Torah Portion: Bo • January 20, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

Passover is a memorial. We set up memorials to the past (what God did), memorials for the present (what God is doing), and memorials to the future (what God will do). One of the most profound aspects of the celebration of the Passover is the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb. As followers of Yeshua we recognize the amazing parallels between the Passover Lamb being offered for the sins of the people in Exodus and Yeshua offering himself as a sacrifice for our sins. The book of Hebrews tells us that because of the blood of Yeshua we can now enter boldly before the throne of God. In our search for boldness in our relationship with Yeshua we need to understand Yeshua as our Passover Lamb.