The Mountain

Torah Portion: Yitro & Mispatim

February 10, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

In the book of Exodus, the people of Israel, the Jewish people, begin as they meet with God at Mt Sinai. With earthquakes, lighting, fire, and a great cloud God makes a covenant with Israel through Moses. Many years later, in the book of Acts, on the same day, with fire and a cloud, the Holy Spirit is given to the disciples of Yeshua and the many Jewish people who are gathered in the Temple Courts in Jerusalem. Same God, same day, same people. Both events are about God, Israel, and the covenant that God promised would be eternal. It all starts at the Mountain of God.

The Colonization of Christmas

Part 2 - The Colonization of Jesus • December 8, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

To make Jesus anything but Jewish is to colonize him, stripping his Jewishness from him and remaking him into any other image. This has happened all over the world where Jesus has been made into the image of other cultures with little or no Jewishness. Perhaps this is seen most vividly in the celebrations of his birth, Christmas. Along, with Jesus himself, the celebration of his birth has been colonized and we miss the heart of the birth narratives in the Gospels. In the birth of Yeshua, God keeps his promises to the Jewish people so that He could give Israel the mission to tell the nations that there in no other God than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This message is part 2 of the series "The Colonization of Jesus."

Jesus the Jew

Part 1 - The Colonization of Jesus • December 1, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

Jesus has been colonized meaning his jewishness was stripped and just about every other culture in the world has been given to him instead. In different cultures he is made into the image of the people who are worshipping him. There is a White Jesus, black Jesus, Mongolian Jesus, Mexican Jesus, Jamaican Jesus, Ethiopian Jesus, etc. He is everywhere. The intent of people is an honest attempt to relate to Jesus by making him one of them. This is why understanding Jesus in his jewishness is important for every follower of Jesus: you can't understand him, his words or his mission if you separate him from his Jewishness. Join us in the conversation of bringing the Jewishness of Yeshua back so we can all, Jew and Gentile, understand him and follow him better!

Blessed Generation

single sermon • November 24, 2018 • Matt Rosenberg

A blessed generation is one who walks with the God of our Fathers. The phrase we use in Hebrew is "L'dor V'dor" literally, "generation to generation." We pass not only the traditions of our people but we pass on relationship with the God of our Fathers. In this sermon, Rabbi Matt speaks to his daughter Emma on her Bat Mitzvah about following God all the days of her life. You can listen in and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through this important sermon!