God's Gifts To His Church

Deacon Jacob Merkey

August 21, 2016

Deacon Jacob Merkey preaches on why we serve from Romans 12:3-8.

The Best News You'll Ever Hear

Pastor Costi Hinn • August 4, 2019

This week Pastor Costi Hinn from Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, AZ teaches on Romans 1:16-17. His focus was on the true power of the gospel as opposed to other false forms of power, such as fabricated signs and wonders, the agenda of social justice, and the seeker-sensitive approach of pragmatism.

Seed: Genesis 2:4-7

Benjamin R. Merkle • July 7, 2019

Faith In Jesus

Pastor Joel Webbon • April 21, 2019

This week Pastor Joel teaches on John 14:1-11. His focus was on how faith in Jesus is the only true antidote to our hearts being troubled in this life. He also took time to clearly explain what true Biblical faith looks like.