The Goodness of God’s Wrath

Sermon Clips • July 29, 2020 • Pastor Zack Gilman

The grace and mercy of God is meaningless apart from an understanding of God’s holiness and wrath toward sin. When these things are understood correctly, the reality of God’s wrath will actually bring the Christian great joy.

America’s Rising Rebellion

Sermon Clips • July 28, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

If you’re struggling to understand the rising rebellion against God in our nation, you need to liste

Does God Reveal Himself to Everyone?

Sermon Clips • July 27, 2020 • Pastor Zack Gilman

Does God reveal himself to all people? Are individuals still responsible for answering to God even if they never hear the good news about Jesus?

The Consequences of Turning Away from God

Sermon Clips • July 23, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

When a society abandons God, God will eventually abandon them.

America is Under the Judgment of God

Sermon Clips • July 21, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

America is not merely on the brink of God’s judgment, America is already under God’s judgment.

Evangelism with Atheists

Sermon Clips • July 17, 2020 • Pastor Zack Gilman

How do we share the gospel with people who say there is no God? Here, Pastor Zack provides believers with a road map for this very task.

What does Art Say about God?

Sermon Clips • July 20, 2020 • Pastor Zack Gilman

When we stand back and admire a work of art, we never assume that it came about randomly. So why do we look at the beauty and order of this world without giving credit to God?

Salvation is a Personal Matter

Sermon Clips • July 10, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

The world we live in has gone mad with social justice. Thanks to the identity politics of our culture, society has divided into dozens of tribes. But when it comes to salvation, it is a personal matter, between the individual and God alone.

The Gospel is Received by Faith

Sermon Clips • June 30, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

Christians do not merely receive the gospel by faith, they also go on living by faith. The Christian life is marked by faith from start to finish. And genuine, saving faith is comprised of three key components: 1) Knowledge, 2) Assent, and 3) Personal Trust.

Clothed in the Very Righteousness of God

Sermon Clips • June 29, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

Christians are not merely granted the righteousness of the prophets, or the apostles, or even the angels. Through faith in Christ, Christians are clothed in nothing less than the righteousness of God.

The Offense of the Gospel

Sermon Clips • June 26, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

The gospel is a “stumbling block” and a “rock of offense." If the gospel is the good news of God’s love through Christ for sinners, what’s so offensive about the gospel?

God’s Goodness and its Implications for Us

Sermon Clips • June 25, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

The good news of the gospel is only truly appreciated when it shines bright against the bad news of the reality of sin.

What/Who Does Jesus Save Us From?

Sermon Clips • June 24, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

What/who does Jesus save us from? The gospel is BY God’s power, FOR God’s glory, and it saves sinners FROM God’s wrath. God saved you by himself, for himself, and from himself!

Prayer and the Two Wills of God

Sermon Clips • June 23, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

Christians must understand the two wills of God. There is God's hidden will (sovereign will) and his revealed will (moral will). So how can Christians best understand the two wills of God in relation to how we should pray?

The Context for True Christian Community

Sermon Clips • June 22, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

What should true Christian community look like in a local church? Christian community is close, personal, genuine, and affectionate. In other words, the proper context for Christian community is friendship.

Never Stop Praying!

Sermon Clips • June 19, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

Do you get discouraged when your prayers seem to be unanswered by God? Even the Apostle Paul experienced delays and frustrations in his prayers, and yet, he continued to pray. And so should we!

True Christians Rejoice in the Spread of the Gospel

Sermon Clips • June 18, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

Do you rejoice to hear about the gospel being faithfully spread throughout the world even if God chose you use someone else to accomplish the work, instead of you?

The Link Between Faith & Obedience

Sermon Clips • June 17, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

Obedience and Faith are inseparable. True faith will always bring about obedience, and true obedience must always come from faith.

What Is True Discipleship?

Sermon Clips • June 16, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

What is discipleship, if not teaching people to obey Christ’s commands? The Great Commission is not just about making converts, but bringing about life-long obedience to the Lordship of Christ!

Grace for Salvation & Service

Sermon Clips • June 15, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

God never saves someone without plans to use them. The grace of God is not merely for salvation, but service.

The Absolute Supremacy of Jesus Christ

Sermon Clips • June 13, 2020 • Pastor Joel Webbon

All things were created through Jesus, for Jesus, and by Jesus. There is not a single thing in this life that is not currently being held together by the Son of God.