Conspiracy of Hope


Hope Proliferated

December 23, 2018 • Pastor Ralph M. Gordon

Hope Resurrected

December 16, 2018 • Pastor Ethan W. Seifried

Hope Revealed

Luke 2:22-35 • December 9, 2018 • Pastor Léonce B. Crump Jr.

If we are honest today, Hope seems hidden in the waiting. Whether we are waiting for God’s promise, or a person's, hope seems hidden in the waiting. In other words, it is hard to wait with hope for the revelation of something. It is difficult to hope in what your eyes cannot presently see. It is a battle to hold out hope until what has been promised is revealed. The good news for us today though is that God’s Spirit reveals God’s promise in God’s time. Conspiracy of Hope | Luke 2:22-35 | Hope Revealed

Hope Promised

Genesis 3:14-15 • December 2, 2018 • Pastor Léonce B. Crump Jr.

We all long for a sure hope. We long for a security in the things for which we hope. We long to see possibilities and promises come to fruition. No rational person wants a false promise, that will build false hope, that will lead to failure to trust. No. We want a sure and steady hope, and a clear fulfillable promise. Unfortunately history—both personal and corporate—has taught us that people make promises they simply cannot or will not fulfill. People instigate hope in us that they cannot or will not bring to fruition. People fail to bring possibilities to reality. So to whom do we turn? To God, and God only as an unfailing surety. God’s promise is our only sure and steady hope. Only in Him can we be guaranteed that our hope will not be put to shame. Only in Him can we be sure that a promise is both yes and amen! Conspiracy of Hope | Genesis 3:14-15 | Hope Promised