Jeremiah 29:11; Acts 17:26-27; Ephesians 2:10 • April 22, 2018 • Pastor Léonce B. Crump Jr.

we live through a filter of nostalgia, falsely idealizing the past; unable to enjoy the present; unwilling to believe in a better future. This is why older artist just keep touring, because they are chasing the high of former glory, and do not believe they have a future. This is why many athletes continue to play well past their prime and why many leaders have no succession plan of any kind, because every day for them is another chance to chase what has already past It is as if life is frozen in that era and they can neither be here in this era with family, in new life, nor can they see the possibility of a better future. You see when we live this way, we cannot be present in who God has made us, and we cannot look forward to who He is making us and what He has for us, because we believe in our hearts that our best days have already been lived. We are literally stuck. But what if we believed something different? What if you knew… BELIEVED, that God has crafted you for a unique plan, specific place, and a divine purpose! #NoFilter | Gingham | Jeremiah 29:11; Acts 17:26-27; Ephesians 2:10


2 Corinthians 5:17 • April 15, 2018 • Pastor Léonce B. Crump Jr.

In our minds, new means different. In our understanding new means unused. But what are new shoes, really? Old cow repurposed. What is a new car, really? Something old, repurposed. Old ore, now metal, made into a “new” car. We could run the list through 100 examples from homes to paper but each, no matter how “new” to us, is not actually something NEW. But when God says that we are new, He has something totally other in mind. Listen, it is an almost completely unimaginable NEW REALITY… a NEW AGE that is both COMING and already HERE; and we are caught in the middle of it, and essential to the goal of it! Again, if we could begin to allow our minds to see to depths of what NEW means to God, we would never think that we are any less than God made us and shaped us to be. IF we could open ourselves to see what NEW means to God, we would never question our worth in this world. If we could, by God’s grace, conceptualise what NEW means to Him, there would be absolutely no fear in ever being authentically and completely who He made us to be; no filter necessary. The truth that we must allow to sink into our hearts, regardless of how we left feeling after the wondrous news that we are REMARKABLY and WONDERFULLY made, is this—In Christ you are completely and uniquely new; the old you is completely and uniquely annihilated! #nofilter | Juno | 2 Corinthians 5:17


Psalm 139:1-16 • April 8, 2018 • Pastor Léonce B. Crump Jr.

We believe there is something inherently wrong with us, and so we pass ourselves off as something we are not. For some of us it is a significant and lingering feeling, and everyday is a new endeavor to hide those things we think wrong with us, and try and accentuate those we feel are best. For others it is fleeting moments, or certain spaces, or certain people that make us feel inadequate and inherently misaligned with the world around us, and in those moments we try and hide those things we think make us inherently out of place with those people or those spaces. The point family—if we can be honest with ourselves and each other for just a moment—is that we all live our lives through filters that allow us to accentuate what we want people to see, and minimise what we do not want them to see, all so that we can be accepted as the person we think they want us to be. Broyard was just an extreme, and particularly ruthless version of our collective human condition. How do we shake free from this? We do so by hearing and believing the truth—God intimately formed you and knows you fully. #nofilter | Clarendon | Psalm 139:1-16