Before the Next Step

The Exodus Series

Before the Next Step

After the Israelites rebel in their idol worship, God says he is going to take away his presence. But Moses pushes back, telling God there’s no point in going on to the Promised Land if they do not have God’s presence among them. In the same way, God wants us to turn to him and his presence before next steps in our own life. His presence is what grounds us and equips us to flourish. When you prepare for a “next step”, what do you notice yourself turning towards instead of God?

Chasing God's Glory

Before moving on to the Promised Land, Moses asks to see God’s glory. Moses understands that knowing and experiencing more of God is what will equip him to lead well. God passes before Moses, and he proclaims the glorious truths of who he is: God is merciful and gracious: he understands the weakness of his people and shows them compassion. He is slow to anger. His love and loyalty to his people never runs out. God has called believers today to lead people to him. And just like Moses, what believers need most to equip them in their calling is to know God! What part of God’s description of himself impacts you the most?

Knowing God

As God leads his people towards the Promised Land, he draws them into a closer relationship with him every step along the way. In the same way, God uses every step in believers’ lives today as an opportunity to teach them more about him. How has God been drawing you closer to him in your own journey?