Answering God's Call

The Exodus Series

Confidence in Your Calling

For further reflection: God speaks to Moses from a burning bush, calling him to lead the Israelites out of their slavery in Egypt. While speaking to Moses, God identifies himself with the name “I AM.” This name has several implications. It implies that God has no beginning and no end; that he is independent from all; that he is constant and unchanging; and that he is the absolute standard of truth and reality. These attributes of God give Moses confidence. Which of these attributes of God stand out to you? Knowing that this same God is with you, how do those attributes impact your confidence in life?

Strength in Your Calling

For further reflection: Moses is hesitant to accept God’s calling. He is afraid that his weakness in public speaking will cause him to fail in his job of delivering the Israelites from slavery. God calls us as Christians to make disciples by reflecting Christ and his love to the world. We do this in whatever sphere he places us. What personal struggles do you feel are keeping you back from God’s calling?

Assurance in Your Calling

For further reflection: God assures Moses that He will be victorious in setting his people free! This assurance motivates Moses to move forward and carry out his calling. In the same way, we can be confident that nothing will defeat God in his mission to save his people and restore the world! In what ways does the certainty of God’s victory motivate you?