As By A New Pentecost

Eight sessions to help you open up your heart to the Holy Spirit


A quick preview of what's ahead in the series.


Dr. Ralph Martin gives an overview of the series, showing how the early Church expected that ordinary believers would receive the fullness of the working of the Holy Spirit as the Apostles had.

Session One - God's Love

David Mangan offers some fresh insights on God's love and his own experience of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in his life.

Session Two - Salvation

Dr. Ralph Martin helps us understand the most important of questions: What is salvation, and what is really necessary for our salvation?

Session Three - The New Life

Patti Mansfield shares her dramatic story of coming to a deeper release of the Holy Spirit in her life.

Session Four - Receiving God's Gifts

Peter Herbeck explains what God makes available to us as we open ourselves to a deeper working of the Holy Spirit.

Session Five - Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Patti Mansfield and David Mangan lead a time of prayer for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Session Six - Growth

Dr. Ralph Martin looks at what is needed to continue growing in our union with God after opening ourselves more deeply to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Session Seven - Transformation In Christ

Sr. Ann Shields teaches us how to make the most of the new life in the Holy Spirit that comes from a fresh release of His power in our lives.


Dr. Ralph Martin wraps up the series with a helpful overview.