The Jews and Law and Sin, Oh My!


July 14, 2019 • Scott Lencke • Romans 7:7-25

In Romans 7, Paul highlights a major problem for the Jewish people. On the one hand, they have this very good thing known as the Law (they called it “Torah”). However, something crept in and sabotaged what was meant to bring life. Sin – with a capital “S” – entered the picture and now death would be the result for God’s people. What to do? Who will deliver them from such a plight? The good news is that God has provided a glorious remedy!

God’s Wisdom

8/18/2019 • August 18, 2019 • Ron Surgeon

God’s Mercy & Compassion

8/11/2019 • August 11, 2019 • Ron Surgeon

“Have you ever looked at your life, confused, wondering why thing aren’t working out the way you believe God said they would? Romans 9 echos that question. Paul, with Israel’s unbelief in mind, wrestles with God’s faithfulness while bringing insight to the question, “Has the word of God failed?”

What Could Separate Us Now?

8/4/2019 • August 4, 2019 • Johnny Coggin

How secure are we in the love of God in Christ? Will God ever give up on us? We’re prone to wander, struggle, doubt, and fail, yet even still, the end of Romans 8 paints a picture of unbreakable assurance. How can this be?