Wonder of Christmas

The Servanthood of Jesus Christ


December 4, 2022 • Chris Heller

This Sunday we will begin our 2022 Christmas series, “The Wonder of Christmas!” Join us as we walk through a WONDERland of selected passages in the book of Isaiah that point to the coming servant of Christmas!

Meek and Measured

December 11, 2022 • Chris Heller

This week, we will read in the second servant song, Isaiah 49, of a coming servant that would be “powerful and patient” in the fulfillment of his work. Again we will ask, is this servant simply Israel, or is the one being spoken of the fulfillment of the Messiah, the child to come, that Isaiah had prophesied? 

The Steadfast Service

December 18, 2022 • Chris Heller

We have been learning a great deal as we study the characteristics of 'the coming servant' in the book of Isaiah, our primary text for our "Wonder of Christmas" sermon series. In the first two servant songs, we have found him to be both ‘gentle and lowly’ and ‘meek and measured.' These traits are counter intuitive to the definition of success in any society, and yet that is what Jesus portrayed to His followers. Just think of it -- God Himself, taking on the form of a humble servant. What a wonder! Join us this Sunday as we consider another aspect from the third servant song -- the Steadfast Servant (Isaiah 50:4-11).  

Selfless & Sacrificial

December 25, 2022 • Chris Heller

This Sunday is Christmas Day! We'll be sharing the fourth servant song in our series conclusion as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!