The Book of Acts: Part 2

The Dash

April 11, 2021 • Chris Heller

What is a sojourner? Webster’s definition is “one who takes up temporary residence in a place.” In this series, we will deepen our understanding of what it truly means to be a sojourner here on earth. In part 1, we l look at three key characteristics from the life of Paul to inspire us to remember we are simply “passing through."

To Sojourn Is To Suffer

April 18, 2021 • Jon Adams

We learn from the life of the apostle Paul that a sojourner's journey will be filled with wounds and scars. How does a sojourner respond to suffering and persecution, especially when it comes from believers?


April 25, 2021 • Jon Adams

What can we learn about the life of a Sojourner? We get a picture of what its like to live a life called to God. When you live a life of serving God, you will come to a crossroads. One path would be easy, comfortable, full of self reward. The other path is more complicated. It’s sacrifice, being uncomfortable, a step of faith but in the end a life of serving God is the most rewarding.  Let us not say no and turn down opportunities due to fear but instead say yes in faith.

Passing Through Conflict

May 2, 2021 • Chris Heller

We live in a time period weighed down by conflict. Voices of anger, frustration, annoyance, disrespect and judgment are reigning down all around us. Petitioning voices yell “choose this side,” “follow this opinion,” “stand your ground,” “don’t listen to that,” leaving behind the shrapnel of tension-filled homes, divided family members, confused children, discouraged leaders, and boiling division. How do we live like Christ in this season of life? How can we represent him during this sojourn through conflict? What message would we deliver? This is the challenge facing our Sojourners as we begin the second missionary journey. So be sure, we will leave with some tools to handle conflict like Christ. Acts 15

Beauty From Ashes

May 9, 2021 • Chris Heller

We continue our Sojourners series in Acts 16 as we follow Paul on his way to an influential mom named Lydia.  We pray this part of the journey where Paul must pass through some ashes to see God bring the beauty will inspire not only the mothers, but all of us to search for the good that comes from even the darkest times.

Delayed Deliverance

May 16, 2021

The gospel is moving powerfully in Philippi when they suddenly our Sojourners face opposition. They must deal with unfair accusations and unjust imprisonment. Why would God allow persecution to hinder them? Why doesn't he deliver them? We will observe how Paul and Silas tap into 2 powerful weapons available to all believers while waiting for deliverance.

Castles in the Sand

May 23, 2021 • Chris Heller

Who can stand before jealousy? Often times we want the best and want to have the best. That is a worldly mindset and could be compared to building a house on sand. But there can be another option, a double vision. When we have double vision, our focus isn't on what it should be. There may be a completely different path that may not be what we want, but it's God's plan. This week we take a look at what it means to build a house on the rock or build on sand. What path are we going to take?

Charging Stations

May 30, 2021 • Chris Heller

None of us want to admit this, but there are times when we have been intimidated by a person, place, or thing. How do we walk with confidence while our knees shake? This week we sojourn into Corinth (Acts 18), the ancient world's equivalent to Las Vegas, and gain insight into both who and what brought Paul the courage he needed to persevere through his internal doubts.

Passing Through Evil

June 6, 2021 • Chris Heller

Is evil lurking at your door? I've heard many people say over the past year that they have never felt evil has been so obvious and out in the open. Truth is, the god of this world has always been busy at work, yet there is no doubt evil can appear at times and in some places far more than others. This week, we will join Paul as he enters the infamous city of Ephesus. This ancient city was a hot bed of occultism and demonic influences that are startling, for sure. Not to worry, however. He enters with a ghost -- the Holy Ghost! Join us as we leverage the power of the Ghost in us that supersedes any evil of this world!

Passing Through Change

June 13, 2021 • Jon Adams

How do you feel about the word CHANGE? Some people love that word, but for many, change is difficult. Change can be emotionally draining, especially if it’s change we didn’t anticipate or ask for. Does Paul’s life as a sojourner have anything to teach us about change? I believe it does. This Sunday, we’ll join Paul in the middle of his third missionary trip, through a riot in Ephesus and another attempt on his life in Greece. And in the midst of another chaotic chapter in Acts, we’ll get to hear Paul’s secret for handling change in his life—three simple words that gave him constant peace, no matter what changes he faced.

Sojourner Sunsets

June 20, 2021 • Chris Heller

As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, may we find our inspiration from Paul, a spiritual father to so many. As we open up Acts 20 this week, we will find Paul at a season of his life when he realizes the sun is about to set on his three missionary sojourns. We will listen to Paul's final words to his audience and reflect on the key characteristics he wanted his listeners to remember about him, as well as the things he was sure to model for them while he was with them.