Kill The Spider

April 7, 2019

Kill the Spider with Carlos Whittaker

Kill the Spider • April 7, 2019 • Carlos Whittaker

MAIN POINT: "A spider is an agreement you have made with a lie that needs to die in order for you to experience freedom in Christ." CHALLENGE QUESTION: "What is the agreement you have made with a lie? What's your spider?" KEY VERSE: “For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace.” –Romans 8:6 SCRIPTURE REFERENCES: John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:10 SUMMARY: When you decide to follow Jesus, old habits and behaviors don’t always automatically disappear. You may pray for guidance, deliverance, and make promises to do better, but you find yourself back in those old ways of living. You’re not alone. This week we invited author and speaker, Carlos Whittaker, to share his own personal stories about how to find freedom in Christ by finally killing the spider.