The Sunday School Podcast

With Pastor Brian Sauvé

Episode #8: Q+A Lightning Round

Abortion, Feminism, & Arguing about GMOs

In Episode 8, Dan and Brian do a no-preparation, lightning-round Q+A segment, answering 14 questions and occasionally arguing about GMOs for no real reason at all. Enjoy!

Episode #7: Bibliology (Part III)

Fake Egyptology, Making Bill Maher Sad, & the Nature of Faith • November 14, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

In this episode of The Sunday School Podcast, we look at objections to the reliability of the Bible (including fake Egyptology, Bible Contradictions, and more!), and the nature of faith. Share with your loved ones! If you don't, do you really love them? Ok, that was a bad joke. But seriously. Sharing is caring.

Episode #6: Bibliology (Part II)

The Humanity/Divinity of Scripture & Opting Out of Kids • November 7, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

In this episode of The Sunday School Podcast, we answer the question, "What is the Bible?" then consider whether or not Christian married couples are free to opt out of having children. Enjoy and share!

Episode #5: Bibliology (Part I)

The Kanon of kanons, 7 Reasons to Delete your Netflix, & Neil Postman • October 31, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

In this episode of The Sunday School Podcast, we dive into a new area of Systematic Theology, Bibliology, investigating the Kanon of kanons. Pastor Brian also gives 7 reasons you should delete your Netflix (no, seriously). Enjoy!

Episode #4: Theology Proper (Part III)

The Anatomy of Deity, A Flowery Book, & Judging Like Jesus • October 24, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

Welcome to Episode #4 of The Sunday School Podcast, the only Sunday School class without a Noah’s Ark flannel-graph. We’ve got a great array of topics today, from the anatomy of Deity to a flowery book that every man should read—and how to judge like Jesus.

Episode #3: Theology Proper (Part II)

The Logos of the Theos, Loving Thy Gay Neighbor, & More! • October 17, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

In this episode, we explore the Logos of the Theos, answer a question on loving your gay neighbor, and examine a great resource on ruining your child's imagination. Enjoy and share!

Episode #2: Theology Proper (Part I)

Rumors of God's Demise, Spanking with a Smile, & James K.A. Smith • October 10, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

In this episode, we explore rumors of God's demise (and find that they are greatly exaggerated), spanking with a smile, and James K.A. Smith.

Episode #1: The What & The Why

Education, Totalizing Claims, & More • October 3, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

In this episode, Pastor Brian explains the what and the why behind the Sunday School Podcast.