Christmas & The Apocalypse

Revelation 12:1–10

December 24, 2017 • Brian Sauvé

A Christmas sermon from the book of Revelation? What about mangers and wise men and frankincense and myrrh? What about silent nights and angels singing and shepherds waiting? Here's the thing: Christmas is anything but kitsch. No, Christmas is war—war on sin and the serpent, war on death and dark. Let the Apostle John scrape the film of familiarity from your eyes and show you what it really means that the virgin-born Son of God was born in Bethlehem on Christmas night.

Motherhood & The Wrestling of Dragons

Mother's Day 2019 (Exodus 20:12; Genesis 3:15; John 3:3–6; 11:43; 16:20–22; 1 John 3:8) • May 12, 2019 • Brian Sauvé

Pastor Brian preaches on the 5th commandment and the purpose of motherhood from Exodus 20 and elsewhere.

Easter & The Saving of the World

Hebrews 10:11–14 • April 21, 2019 • Brian Sauvé

Pastor Brian preaches Hebrews 10:11–14 for Easter Sunday, 2019.

Good News For The Fight

Romans 7:13–8:4 • February 10, 2019 • Jared Sparks

Pastor Jared Sparks, of Christ Church in Carbondale, Illinois, preaches on the mercy of God in the gospel from Romans 7:13–8:4.