Missionary Interview: Johnny

With Darren Colwell

January 25, 2019 • Johnny, Darren Colwell

Refuge has been pleased to support Johnny (last name withheld for safety reasons) for some years now in his efforts to reach the Turkmen people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this interview, learn more about his ministry, difficulties, Bible translation, and more. Please keep Johnny in your prayers!

Who is the Messiah?

Luke 24; Genesis 22; Isaiah 9, 53; Micah 5 • October 6, 2019 • Jeff Durbin

Pastor Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Church in Arizona, preaches on the Old Testament proof that Jesus is the Messiah from Luke 24 and elsewhere.

The Wretched Righteous & The Righteous Wretch

Luke 18:9–14 • July 14, 2019 • Dan Berkholder

Pastor Dan Berkholder preaches on Luke 18:9–14.

The Priest On The Throne

Hebrews 4:14–16 • July 7, 2019 • Brian Sauvé

Pastoral Candidate Joshua Adams preaches on Hebrews 4:14–16.