The Gospel of Mark 2:1-17

Trouble…For All the Right Reasons

April 11, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger

Jesus once said, “I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” This statement confounded and upset the religious leaders of His day. They thought they were already righteous and that the Messiah would come for them, not sinners. They failed to see that Jesus really had come for them too—but something needed to happen in their hearts first. They weren’t really righteous—they only thought they were.

The Gospel of Mark 3:28-35

God's Forever Family • May 9, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger

Join us Sundays at 10am as we worship the Lord and continue our study in the Gospel of Mark. We gather in person at 912 W. St. Germain Street, St. Cloud, MN; online at https://live.refuge.mn; or on the radio at 96.1 FM (St. Cloud) and https://refuge.fm.

The Gospel of Mark 3:20-27

Identity…Purpose…and Worth • May 2, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger

Jesus wants to be with us. So much so that He has appointed us to be with Him forever. Everything else is out of the overflow of that fellowship with Jesus—everything else becomes secondary. God didn’t save us so we could just do amazing things for Him. He saved us so that we could enjoy fellowship with Him—forever! Our identity, purpose, and worth in every season of life comes from this fact—Jesus wants to be with us and He has appointed us first and foremost to simply be with Him.

The Gospel of Mark 3:7-19

Fellowship…First, Foremost, Forever • April 25, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger

During His ministry on earth, Jesus regularly withdrew from the busyness of life and ministry to ask His Father what He should do. Fellowship with His Father was so essential to Jesus that He prioritized His time so He could just be with His Heavenly Father. If Jesus needed to do this, how much more so us?