The Gospel of Mark - Introduction

January 17, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger • Mark (2021)

The Gospel according to Mark was written in a time of incredible political and societal upheaval. A time when people were concerned about their children’s future. A time when quitting and running away was a tempting prospect. Mark wrote this book for a specific purpose. He didn’t just want people to know about Jesus—he wanted them to know the grace of Jesus. How the grace of Jesus is sufficient to sustain anyone though any difficulty. How this amazing grace floods a heart with the love of God and renders fear powerless. How this grace is only given to failures and sinners. Mark knew about this grace so well because he had failed. He had endured struggle after struggle that made him cherish the grace of Jesus more and more. But how did Mark come to know of this grace and who strengthened him with the grace of Jesus that inspired Mark to write a book about it? Watch a replay or listen to our study as we considered this man Mark and the influence that the grace of Jesus had on his life.

The Gospel of Mark 1:21-39

Message & Miracles • February 28, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger

There is a stark contrast between someone who is hired to say something and someone who really has something to say. They can use the same words and language, but those who really have something to say speak with authenticity, authority, and simplicity as they serve others with what they have learned. In Mark 1:21-39, the people of Capernaum hear Jesus speak with authority and authenticity as He begins His earthly ministry of teaching and preaching in their synagogue.

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The Gospel of Mark 1:16-20

Follow Me • February 21, 2021 • Pastor Dominic Dinger

In Mark 1:16-20, we read of one of times Jesus called Simon, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him. It wasn't the first time, and it wouldn't be the last time Jesus called these fishermen. In fact, we considered at least four different times Jesus called these men to be His disciples. But why would Jesus have to say, "Follow Me," to them so many times? Why would they hesitate? It's a question we asked and considered our own hesitations in following Jesus. And yet, despite their hesitations and our own, Jesus continues to call.