Live like a Levite

Dr. Miles Van Pelt

Dr. Miles Van Pelt, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages and Academic Dean, preaches at RTS Jackson from Deuteronomy 18.

Praying Before Meals

Dr. Robert Cara

Dr. Robert Cara, Provost and Professor of New Testament, will be preaching. Join us for worship and to hear him share from 1 Timothy 4:1-5: “Praying before Meals."

The Peril of a Lost Generation

Dr. Dick Belcher

Join us for Chapel to hear from Dr. Dick Belcher, Professor of Old Testament, as he teaches on “The Peril of a Lost Generation,” from 2 Kings 2:23-25.

Are You a Repenter or a Pretender?

Dr. Michael J. Kruger • September 5, 2017

Dr. Michael Kruger, President and Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at RTS Charlotte, preaches from Matthew 21:28-32.