Doctor of Ministry

Charlotte Orlando Today’s Christian leaders cannot afford to stop growing and learning. Advanced, professional training for enhanced ministry effectiveness is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity! The Doctor of Ministry is a second professional degree designed for those in full-time Christian ministry, especially those serving in the local church, to further equip you for faithful ministry. The Doctor of Ministry degree program will help you successfully manage the demands of ministry and provide you with spiritual renewal, sharpen your ministry skills, and deepen your understanding of Scripture and the historic Reformed tradition. It is built upon the biblical, theological, and professional foundations of the Master of Divinity degree. The program is designed to be flexible enough to meet individual needs while seeking to encourage increased competence in the areas of most importance, such as preaching, teaching, shepherding, leading, etc. Course Curriculum The Doctor of Ministry requirements are the successful completion of thirty semester hours, which are offered in eight courses, plus a doctoral project. The program is designed to accommodate the heavy ministry schedules of today’s Christian leaders. We offer 2 one-week intensive courses in January and July on the Charlotte and Orlando campuses each year. RTS offers two emphases Reformed Expository Preaching and Reformed Theology and Ministry. Reformed Expository Preaching Emphasis: 3 Bible courses 4 Elective courses 1 Project Research course 8 course total Reformed Theology and Ministry Emphasis: 3 Historical/Theological courses 4 Elective courses 1 Project Research course 8 course total Admissions Requirements Applicants for the Doctor of Ministry program must meet the following: Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Degree from an ATS accredited theological school or Fulfill an RTS M.Div. equivalency consisting of: 30 hours (OT/NT), 30 hours (HT/ST), 15 hours (PT), 6 hours – one year of either Greek or Hebrew, for a total of 81 hours. A student applying for Biblical Studies and Preaching Emphasis would need to have at least one year of both biblical language – one language would be part of the 30 hour total in biblical area. 3.0 (B) grade-point average during M.Div. studies Six hours in the biblical languages Three years of full-time ministry experience after completing the M.Div. New students may begin with courses offered either in January or July of each year. Applicants should apply at least three months in advance in order to complete the pre-course reading assignments. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply now. Church Partnership Program The Church Partnership Program (CPP) fosters significant involvement of the student’s home church with the student and with the seminary. The CPP is a matching program which matches dollar for dollar up to 1/3 of the student's tuition cost. Most commonly this means the student pays for 1/3 of their tuition, the church contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition, and RTS contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition. To learn more, visit the CPP page.

Master of Divinity

Atlanta Charlotte available emphases: - Campus Ministry - Christian Counseling - Church Planting Dallas Jackson available emphases: - Biblical Exegesis - Counseling - Missions Orlando available emphasis: - Counseling Washington The M.Div. curriculum is designed to offer training for the pastoral ministry. Concentrated study in three basic areas - Bible, systematic theology, and practical theology - characterizes this three-year program. In addition to training for pastoral ministry, the curriculum is designed to aid in the student’s sanctification. For an enumeration of the MDiv student learning outcomes for assessment purposes. Bible courses include the basic structure and content of each book of the Bible along with such details concerning major characters, dates, and places as are necessary. Principles of hermeneutics and exegesis, using the original languages as well as the English Bible, are also included. Students learn to apply Scripture to contemporary circumstances. Building upon and integrated with a biblical foundation, theology is a major area of concentration. The purpose of this study is to provide the theological and historical foundations, along with current cultural contexts, to understand and live the Christian faith. The practical theology courses are designed to enable students to develop competence in ministry including preaching, worship, leadership, and individual shepherding. A variety of experiences and instructors enable students to develop methods and styles of ministry suited to their individual gifts. The number of class hours per week may exceed the number of semester hours of credit. Some of the preaching and pastoral course requirements may be adjusted for women and other non-ministerial candidates so as to provide the appropriate preparation and setting for their needs. Women and other non-ministerial candidates will substitute additional elective course hours for the Preaching Labs. These elective courses may include alternative communication labs. A student attains middler status upon completion of thirty-six semester hours and senior status upon completion of seventy-two semester hours. The curriculum is designed to be completed in three years, but many students choose to complete the curriculum in four or more years. Emphases The M.Div. curriculum offers the student the option of selecting an area of emphasis. Included in this catalog are schedules of courses for the M.Div. degree that further define the various emphasis area options and the requirements for each. Jackson Students taking the M.Div. degree may major in one of four areas: biblical exegesis, pastoral ministry, counseling, and intercultural studies/missions. All four programs require a total of 106 semester hours. Orlando Students registered in the M.Div. program may choose Counseling as an area of emphasis. For complete information click here. Charlotte Within the 106-hour M.Div. curriculum, a student has the opportunity to choose an emphasis in either Campus Ministry, Church Planting Ministry, or Christian Counseling. Meaning Of The Degree A degree from Reformed Theological Seminary indicates that the graduate has completed the requirements for the course of study. Although the M.Div. degree meets the standard educational requirements for ordination in most denominations, the degree does not certify that the graduate necessarily possesses all the biblical qualifications requisite for the ministry or adheres to the Reformed faith. Graduation from Reformed Theological Seminary with either the M.Div. degree or diploma should not in itself be construed as a recommendation for the ministry. Ecclesiastical bodies and pulpit committees are responsible for applying their own requirements for ordination to determine the doctrinal soundness, suitability, and readiness for ministry of a particular graduate.

Master of Arts

Atlanta M.A. (Biblical Studies) M.A. (Religion) Charlotte M.A. (Biblical Studies) M.A. (Theological Studies) M.A. in Christian Counseling Dallas M.A. (Theological Studies) Houston M.A. (Biblical Studies) Jackson M.A. M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling Orlando M.A. (Biblical Studies) M.A. in Counseling M.A. (Theological Studies) Washington M.A. (Religion) M.A. (Biblical Studies) Global Education M.A. (Biblical Studies) M.A. (Religion) M.A. (Theological Studies) The Master of Arts program provides concentrated study in a special field or discipline upon the background of a general understanding of theology and biblical studies. Candidates for this degree must complete 66 semester hours (note exceptions below) with an overall C (2.0) average. Degrees M.A. (Biblical) or M.A. (Theological Studies) - Orlando Charlotte Atlanta Washington This program integrates biblical, historical, and theological studies with cultural and social concerns. It is designed to strengthen the religious basis for one's life and work whether in a secular career or a church staff position. Greek and Hebrew are optional. The English Bible exam is required. M.A. in Counseling - Orlando This program is a seventy-six-hour program designed for the person who wishes to work in the specialized field of counseling and who desires an orientation that integrates Christian theology with counseling theory and practice. Biblical and theological studies are integrated with formal, professional education and technical training. Students enrolled in this two-year (21-month) program must enroll full time. Entrance is granted for the fall semester only. Applications must be received by the Admissions Office by February 1 prior to the fall semester of desired enrollment. A non-refundable deposit of $200 must be submitted upon acceptance. M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling - Jackson This program is designed for the person who wishes to work in this specialized field of counseling and who desires an orientation that integrates Christian theology with the theory and practice of family therapy. Biblical and theological studies are integrated with formal, professional education and technical training. Theoretical knowledge is also integrated with applied skills through supervised clinical practice. This is a two-year (24-month) program. Continuance in the MFT & Counseling program is contingent upon the student's intra- and interpersonal skills and/or functioning. In addition to the general admission requirements given in this catalog, applicants for the Marriage and Family Therapy program must submit a GRE General Test score and must make a non-refundable deposit of $200 upon acceptance. Applications for the Marriage and Family Therapy program should be received by February 1 for those who wish to enroll in the fall semester. To graduate, MFT & Counseling students must have clinical experience that includes: 1. A minimum of twelve consecutive months of clinical work; 2. At least 500 hours of face-to-face clinical experience, of which at least 250 hours are with two or more clients; 3. A total of 100 hours of clinical supervision, of which at least 50 are in groups of no more than two and the remainder in groups of no more than six -persons. (All MFT and Counseling supervision is based on direct observation, videotape, or audiotape.) Graduates will have completed the requirements for associate membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Because this program is designed to meet the needs of those serving in the social and cultural setting of North America, international students are not ordinarily admitted. M.A. (Religion) - Atlanta Washington Global This program is a versatile degree, designed for Christians who desire to bring biblical and theological reflection to bear on a wide spectrum of societal issues in their chosen vocations and avocations. This sixty-semester hour MAR program shares courses with other RTS master's degree programs, and is offered at the Atlanta campus, the Washington campus, and Global education. M.A. Program - Jackson The Master of Arts is a 66 semester-hour degree typically done in 2 years. The 36-hour core establishes a solid academic foundation in biblical, theological, and historical studies. 30 hours of electives provide maximum flexibility for students to shape their coursework to fit their needs. M.Div. / M.A. Dual Degrees A student may complete the M.A., the M.A. (Biblical Studies), the M.A. (Theological Studies), or the M.A. (Religion) plus the M.Div. degree program in four years with a total of 139 semester hours. A student may complete the M.A. in Counseling plus the M.Div. degree program with a total of 152 semester hours. A student may complete the M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling plus the M.Div. (with Counseling emphasis) for a total of 147 semester hours (if no M.Div. with counseling emphasis, then a total of 152 semester hours).

Certificate Program

Certificate programs are tailored to meet the needs of the candidates or the requirements of agencies with which they may be associated. Missionary candidates may meet the requirements of their sending agencies by taking a one-year program in Bible, Theology, or Missions. Campus ministry candidates may find courses in Bible and theology to be a helpful addition to training that may be given by their supporting agencies. As with degree programs, a B.A. degree or its equivalent from an accredited school is required. The one-year Certificate program requires 29 to 32 semester hours, depending on the campus. Normally the Certificate program is a mixture of biblical studies and theological studies; however, it may be tailored more specifically for the student’s needs. Admission requirements for the Certificate program match other masters-degree program requirements, including a baccalaureate degree or its foreign equivalent. Credits earned in the one-year Certificate program may be applied toward the various M.A. or M.Div. Degrees. Certificate programs are available through any RTS location.

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