RTS - Jackson

How you learn will determine how you lead. At RTS Jackson, the context of community fosters meditation on God's Word as you're surrounded by other believers. A faculty that cares for their students, weekly prayer groups and athletics, and campus housing together help us to live out our motto: a mind for truth, a heart for God.

RTS - Orlando

For over 25 years, Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida has prepared pastors, teachers, counselors, and missionaries through a program of graduate theological education that is rooted in God’s authoritative and all-sufficient Word, informed by the riches of our Reformed heritage, and aimed at the glory of God and the good of his people. If God has called you to serve Christ’s church, then he’s called you to prepare. We at RTS Orlando would love to serve you as you answer God’s call to know him, to walk in his presence, and to proclaim his gospel for the sake of Jesus’ name.

RTS - Charlotte

If God is calling you into a lifetime of ministry, you need a place where Christ is worshipped and glorified, His Word is taught with faithfulness and depth, and hearts are stirred and renewed by the power of the gospel. You will find that here at RTS Charlotte. For over twenty years, we have trained men and women to serve Christ and His church in Charlotte, in the United States, and throughout the world.

RTS - Atlanta

For more than 17 years now Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta has been training pastors, missionaries, church planters, Bible teachers, and lay leaders in the church. We have developed a track record for winsomely equipping men and women for Christian service by means of a curriculum that is grounded upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God and a faculty that is comprised of pastor-scholars—many of whom are serving locally as pastors and all of whom embody what RTS aspires to see in our students, namely, a mind for truth, a heart for God, and a life for ministry. And we have the privilege of doing all this in one of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the world. If you believe the Lord is calling you to pastoral ministry, or if you are interested in serving the church more effectively as a Sunday School teacher, officer, staff person, or lay leader, or if you are just hungry to grow more in your knowledge of and love for the Lord and His Word, then we would count it a privilege to help you on your way.

RTS - Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is an urban center with global significance, and the Washington campus of RTS is committed to providing faithful, confessional and theological training to those who would serve Jesus Christ in different contexts around the world as ministers, missionaries, scholars, and lay leadership. We would love to talk to you further about how RTS-DC can partner with you in your preparation for wherever God has called you.

RTS - Dallas

Dallas, in many ways, is the gateway to the West, and together with our campus in Houston, RTS wants to serve the Church throughout Texas and the great Southwest by preparing its leaders with a mind for truth and a heart for God with a view to a life for ministry. RTS is now approved to offer the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (Theological Studies) in Dallas.

RTS - Houston

I would encourage you to take some time to explore all the information this site has to offer. But let me first share my heart with you as it relates to seminary study. If God is calling you to a lifetime of ministry, the seminary where you will be trained is of the utmost importance. Indeed the Apostle Paul calls us to be workers who rightly divide the word of truth. At RTS Houston our goal is to train future pastors, ministry leaders, and laymen to love the word of God and the God of the word!

RTS - New York City

I am pleased to welcome you to RTS New York City! The 2017-18 academic year was the third academic year for RTS NYC and this past academic year has brought encouraging developments in the program. These developments include: (1) the enrollment of 27 students into the Third Cohort of students; (2) the kick-off of the City Ministry Program (CMP); (3) the first commencement service of RTS NYC on September 8, 2017, with 10 graduates receiving the MABS (see more info below); (4) Dr. Tim Keller dedicating more time to RTS NYC and the practical/pastoral training of the CMP, provided by City to City. If you are just discovering us, I hope you will explore the site and learn more about this strategic partnership between Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and Redeemer City to City (CTC) to provide a seminary education in New York City with the goal of "preparing future pastors and ministry leaders in the city, for the city." I invite you to click on the link below for a welcome from the RTS Chancellor & CEO, Dr. Ligon Duncan.

RTS - Memphis

Welcome to RTS Memphis, a wonderful location to enjoy rich theological study in a missional cultural setting, thanks to a diverse group of students representing various churches and Memphis ministries. This campus is a special starting place especially for students who are already engaged in a full-time ministry context to begin their seminary experience amidst their vocational schedules. Our staff would love to serve and support your call to love God more deeply and others more effectively.

RTS - Global Education

The desire to dig deeper into God’s Word through formal seminary education may seem out of reach for many Christians due to location, as well as commitments to family, church, and work. Through its distance education programs, RTS Global Education offers a pathway to the same high-quality, biblically based training RTS is known for right where you are, on your schedule. Our flexible, fully online programs provide a unique opportunity to study with distinguished RTS faculty, at your own pace, wherever God has called you to serve.