What is a big misconception of theology?

Dr. Carl Ellis

April 24, 2019 • Dr. Carl Ellis • #wisdomwednesday

Dr. Carl Ellis discusses how theology is defined by historical and cultural contexts, both now and throughout history.

How should a Christian react to being labeled intolerant?

September 18, 2019 • Dr. Michael J. Kruger

Dr. Michael Kruger encourages Christians to remain faithful in a culture that promotes tolerance and gives helpful tips for how believers can share the truth of the gospel with a society that believes that truth is relative.

How should pastors pray for themselves?

Dr. Charlie Wingard • September 11, 2019 • Dr. Charlie Wingard

Dr. Charlie Wingard, drawing on years of his own pastoral experiences, encourages pastors to pray for specific characteristics to help them in their ministry.

How do I overcome my fear of evangelism?

Dr. Ligon Duncan • September 4, 2019 • Dr. Ligon Duncan

In our first episode of Season 8, Dr. Ligon Duncan addresses what holds us back from sharing the gospel, and how we can become bolder in sharing our faith.