If God is sovereign why pray?

Dr. Guy Richard

October 3, 2018 • Dr. Guy Richard • #wisdomwednesday

Knowing that God is sovereign leads people to question the necessity of prayer. In this video, Dr. Guy Richard addresses the importance of our prayers and how God uses them to bring his perfect purposes to pass.​

How do I know what a Bible passage means?

Dr. Robert J. Cara • March 20, 2019 • Dr. Robert J. Cara

How can we better understand the passages we read in the Bible? Dr. Robert Cara uses metaphor to explain how Scripture can be used to interpret Scripture, so that we can discern layers of meaning in the text.

How can I better communicate with my spouse?

Dr. Scott Coupland • March 13, 2019 • Dr. Scott Coupland

Why do spouses often have trouble communicating with one another? In this week's Wisdom Wednesday, Dr. Scott Coupland, Professor of Counseling at RTS Orlando, gives biblical advice to help spouses communicate more effectively.

Who should study the Bible's original languages?

Dr. Mark Futato • March 6, 2019 • Dr. Mark Futato

Is the study of the Bible's original languages just for pastors and professors? Dr. Mark Futato, RTS Orlando's Robert L. Maclellan Professor of Old Testament, challenges laypeople to study Greek and Hebrew in this rerun from the Wisdom Wednesday series.