RTS - New York City

I am pleased to welcome you to RTS New York City! The 2017-18 academic year was the third academic year for RTS NYC and this past academic year has brought encouraging developments in the program. These developments include: (1) the enrollment of 27 students into the Third Cohort of students; (2) the kick-off of the City Ministry Program (CMP); (3) the first commencement service of RTS NYC on September 8, 2017, with 10 graduates receiving the MABS (see more info below); (4) Dr. Tim Keller dedicating more time to RTS NYC and the practical/pastoral training of the CMP, provided by City to City. If you are just discovering us, I hope you will explore the site and learn more about this strategic partnership between Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and Redeemer City to City (CTC) to provide a seminary education in New York City with the goal of "preparing future pastors and ministry leaders in the city, for the city." I invite you to click on the link below for a welcome from the RTS Chancellor & CEO, Dr. Ligon Duncan.