Biblical and Theological Structures in Hebrews

Dr. Tom Schreiner

Dr. Tom Schreiner

Dr. Tom Schreiner lectures at the 2015 RTS Jackson Biblical Theology Conference. Dr. Schreiner is Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology and Associate Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written and edited numerous books and articles and specializes in Pauline scholarship.

How do I know what a Bible passage means?

Dr. Robert J. Cara • March 20, 2019 • Dr. Robert J. Cara

How can we better understand the passages we read in the Bible? Dr. Robert Cara uses metaphor to explain how Scripture can be used to interpret Scripture, so that we can discern layers of meaning in the text.

Mrs. Barbara Jones

RTS Atlanta CSBE - Francis J. Grimke Lecture Series • March 7, 2019 • Mrs. Barbara Jones

Barbara shares her vision for a local and global missional mindset and shares how she has sought to do that through Mission to the World(MTW). March 7, 2019.

Pastor John Onwuchekwa

RTS Atlanta CSBE - Francis J. Grimke Lecture Series • February 5, 2019 • Pastor John Onwuchekwa

Pastor John O leads us in how to apply prayer as a vital part of the life of the pastor and in the life of the church. February 5, 2019.