"Battleship vs. Cruise Ship"

Matthew 28

January 17, 2016 • Josh Tovey

Membership at Redemption Church is all about ownership. What does it mean to be an owner? It starts with owning the vision and the mission that God has so clearly laid out in his Word. In this message from Matthew 28 we answer the question of why Redemption Church exists. Ownership is not just coming and seeing what's happening at Redemption, but being willing to come and die for the mission of Connecting people to Jesus for life change!

"Elders Care For The Body"

January 31, 2016 • Josh Tovey

In our last message of our membership series we continue to unpack what it means to be a member at Redemption Church.  Members are owners!  This week we worked through 1 Peter and saw how the elders will care for the owners of the body by shepherding the body, providing oversight to the body, and being proven examples for the body.

"Embracing Your Role"

January 24, 2016 • Josh Tovey

In week two of our "Own The Mission" series on what it means to be a church member, we unpack what it means to be an owner. An owner carries out the purposes of God for the glory of God. We looked at 1st Corinthians 12 and saw that everyone has a role and that we should all be united around what's most important: Jesus and His Gospel.